Dr. Anil Hiwale

Dr. Anil Hiwale

Professor & Associate Dean (Students Affairs)

Dr. Anil S. Hiwale completed his Ph.D. from SGB Amravati University with specialization in Wireless Communication. He has 29 years of teaching experience. His research interest is multi-antenna systems, signal processing, cooperative communications, and BMI. He has contributed papers in various reputed journals and conferences. He was Head of Information Technology department from March 2013 to July 2018. He also worked as Dean R & D (March 2013- May 2015) and Dean Second Shift (March 2013 to May 2014) for MIT college of Engineering. Currently, he is working as a Professor and Principal of MIT College of Engineering, Pune. He is a Fellow of IETE (The Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers) and IE (Institution of Engineers, India)

M.E. (Electronics)
B.E. (Electronics)

Research Papers:
Papers Published in National/International Journals: 21
Papers Published in National/International Conferences: 33

Patents :
Filed a provisional patent on HANDLING WEAPONS BY MIND USING ZIGBEE”, Application No: 2870/MUM/2013 A dated May 23, 2014. s

Teaching experience: 29 Years
Research experience: 5 Years

Communication Engineering, Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication, Foundations of Communication and Computer Networks, Electronic Circuits Design, Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Circuits, Automobile Engineering, Digital Electronics and Logic Design.